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An easy way to start finding the right breast implant size

Starch & Glue Breast Implant Sizers

These instructions for starch and glue breast implant sizers use common ingredients found in the home. They are designed to help women choose breast implants that are the best size for them and their aims for breast augmentation.

Items you'll need for moderate plus or high profile sizers:

  • Liquid starch, available on the laundry aisle.
  • Glue, including Elmer's school glue. You will need at least 2 cups or more, depending on the desired cc's of your sizer.
  • Your post-surgery surgical bra or sports bra.
  • Pantyhose (not tights).
  • Twist-tie bags, which are thinner and larger than ziploc bags.
  • Scissors.
  • A large bowl.
  • 1/8 measuring cup.
  • 1 cup measuring cup.
  • DVD or CD for width reference.

I made 500cc and 450cc sizers. I have read that if implanting under the muscle about 50cc is a lot, so keep that in mind.

30cc equals 1 ounce or 1/8 cup. Hence the 1/8 measuring cup for less confusion.

If you wish to approximate 500cc implants, divide 500 by 30, which equals 16.6. Use 16.6 of the 1/8 cup "scoops" for each sizer.

450cc's is exactly 15 "scoops."

Now learn how to make the semi liquid/solid "goo" used for the sizers.

Rather than the dry ingredients, I wanted something more like the silicone that will be used in my implants.

The only potential downside is that sometimes they turn out too runny. Have extra glue on hand. You can always add more glue to the starch to make it less runny. Once it starts turning gooey, just pour off any excess starch.

The goo is equal parts glue and liquid starch in a large bowl. I used 2 cups each to equal 4 cups of goo or 2 cups of goo per sizer.

Let it set for a minute and mix well. I left mine in one of the twist-tie bags overnight, but I don't think this is mandatory.

If the goo is too solid, just add water. I never had to, but it will not hurt anything.

The goo will not stick to anything except fabric and is safe to handle.

This part can get messy. For however many "scoops" with the 1/8 measuring cup, stuff the goo into this scoop and put in a twist-tie bag. Don't forget to tie the closed/sealed end of the bag and remove the excess with scissors. Your goal is a round rather than a cone shape.

It may be necessary to tear off pieces of the goo, which is not quite liquid but not quite solid.

Exact measurements are not necessary.

Once all of the scoops are in the bag, tie off the end, making sure to remove excess air bubbles and trying to maintain roundness.

I put the bag on top of the DVD/CD at this point, because a high profile implant is slightly smaller than the diameter of the DVD as far as I have read. I believe that a moderate plus profile is slightly larger than a DVD.

Try to keep it round and just a little smaller than the DVD while tying it off.

Cut off excess bag. Take the pantyhose, cut off the toe and tie off the end.

Place the bag of goo into the pantyhose and do the same over the DVD/CD. Make sure to maintain as much roundness as possible.

Keep a watch on the width and diameter.

The sizers do not turn out perfect, but once you put on the bra, you can shift them into place and work everything out.

The ends that are tied off look like nipples when under the bra. I struggled a bit to place them in the perfect spot, but once in place these sizers are awesome!

The sizers jiggle and have a nice accurate weight. They really give an idea of how the new breasts will to appear and feel.

This method can give you a much better idea of my target size.

I actually wear the sizers around to adjust to the idea and feel of myself with larger breasts.

The nipples are a little off, but I will wear a crew neck or scoop neck tee before leaving the house.