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Rice Test
An easy way to start finding the right breast implant size

Rice Test Instructions

How to Do the Rice Test

The Rice Test is a fast and easy way to get an idea of how you would look with different sizes of breast implants. Just follow the instructions below to make your "rice implants" or "rice sizers," based on the amount of rise used to simulate different cc volumes. After making your homemade sizers, place them inside of a sports bra to begin to get an idea of how you can enhance your figure with breast augmentation.

The Rice Test is a general guide for breast augmentation sizing only. It should mostly be considered as a way to begin educating yourself about breast implants while preparing for your cosmetic surgery consultation with a Plastic Surgeon experienced in performing breast procedures.

Making Your Rice Implant Sizers

To make your homemade breast implants:

  • Cut a 12-inch length of pantyhose (do not use the foot portion).
  • Tie a knot in one end.
  • Fill the length with rice according to the chart below.
  • Tie the open end so that the rice sits fairly loosely and will conform to the breast shape when placed inside a bra.

Table of Simulated Implant Volumes

Rice Amount Simulated Implant Volume
0.53 cup 125 cc
0.63 cup 150 cc
0.74 cup 175 cc
0.85 cup 200 cc
0.95 cup 225 cc
1.06 cups 250 cc
1.16 cups 275 cc
1.27 cups 300 cc
1.37 cups 325 cc
1.48 cups 350 cc
1.59 cups 375 cc
1.8 cups 425 cc
2.01 cups 475 cc
2.22 cups 525 cc
2.43 cups 575 cc
2.64 cups 625 cc
2.96 cups 700 cc

Simulated Volumes for Sientra Breast Implants:

Rice Amount Simulated Implant Volume
1 cup 245 cc
1.25 cups 285 cc
1.33 cups 315 cc
1.50 cups 355 cc
1.66 cups 380 cc
1.75 cups 410 cc
2 cups 465 cc
2.25 cups 545 cc
2.33 cups 550 cc
2.50 cups 595 cc
2.75 cups 655 cc
3 cups 695 cc

Rice Test Tips

  • When you try different sizes, pour the rice back into the measuring cup and remeasure.
  • Try on different shirts, blouses and swimsuit tops.
  • Wear your "rice implants" around the house.
  • Look at your contour in the mirror.
  • Think about how you might look and feel with breast implants of various sizes.
  • Remember that breast implant volumes don't necessarily equal a certain bra cup size. For example, a "D" cup for one woman could be a "C" cup for someone else.
  • Ziploc bags can be used instead of stockings, but stockings are usually more comfortable and conform more easily into shape when placed inside your bra. Other fillers that can be used include oatmeal, instant potato flakes and grits.